luni, 18 mai 2009

Despre bisexualitate... & TOP 3 from this WORLD !!!

Iata o serie de vedete din afara care si-au facut COMING OUT-ul si au declarat ca-s bisexuale:

- Lady GaGa (singer - Poker Face)
- Kate Perry (singer - I kissed A Girl & Hot'N'Cold)
- Pink (singer - a lots)
- Nelly Furtado (singer - many ex: Say It Right)
- Fergie (vocal)
- Madonna (singer & actress - Voices, La Isla Bonita, Sorry, 4 Minutes, Hung Up, Mixes) - TOP 3
- Britney Spears (singer & actress - Boys, Ooups... I Did It Again) - Top 2 GOOGLE search
- Lindsay Lohan (actress & singer)
- Cynthia Nixon (Totul despre SEX) - soon The Second Part of the MOVIE 2
- Jennifer Aniston (actress & singer)
- Megan Fox (actress)
- Sharon Stone (actress)
- Drew Barrymore (actress)
- Jennifer Lopez (actress & singer, ex: Waiting For Tonight)
- Angelina Jolie (actress - Fox, Wanted)
- Amy Winehouse (singer - Rehab, You Know I'm No Good)
- Paris Hilton (more singer)


- George Michael (singer - Carreles Whisper, Freedom, Faith, Last Christmas)
- Elton John (singer -Your Song, Candle in the Wind, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word, Can You Feel The Love Tonight)
- Pet Shop Boys (Go West, It's A Sin, Love) etc.
and the WINNER is: Barack Obama :D

Oare de ce si-au facut aceste "VEDETE" COMING-ul OUT-ul? Ca sa fie la "MODA"? La noi de ce nimeni nu recunoaste nimic? Asta e... toti sunt "NORMALI"

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